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Customer Test Instructions



When United Testing (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") conducts the required inspection and testing for customers, it shall be conducted according to the following terms. The Company also reserves the right to refuse to accept any customer's commissioned for testing without giving any reason:


The Company only provides services for certain specific customers or institutions (hereinafter referred to as "customers"). Unless authorized by the customer, no unit or individual has the right to give any instructions to the Company, especially regarding the scope of the test, the report and the service of the certificate.


All materials, equipment and other property subject to inspection and testing shall be delivered to the Company at the customer's own expense according to the relevant regulations of the Company. When the relevant inspection is completed and the customer is requested by the Company, he must take the relevant materials or equipment by himself. In any case, if the customer fails to take away the relevant materials or equipment within 4 weeks from the date of issuance of the test report (if the materials are consumable, such as liquid and powder samples, the time limit is 2 weeks), the Company may dispose of the materials or equipment at its discretion without compensating the customer.

3. 客户在本公司提供服务前或正在服务时,须遵守以下条款:

Before or during the service provided by the Company, customers shall abide by the following terms:

a) 提供及时的要求和足够的资料,让本公司能提供有效的服务;

Provide timely requirements and sufficient information to enable the Company to provide effective services;

b) 在本公司的要求下,提供必要设备及人员,让本公司能有效地提供服务;

At the request of the Company, provide necessary equipment and personnel to enable the Company to provide services effectively;

c) 采取所有必须的行动,以消除或补救任何会阻碍本公司提供服务的事物;

Take all necessary actions to eliminate or remedy anything that will hinder the Company's provision of services;

d) 预先通知本公司有关该样品或进行测试时实际的危险或潜在危险;

Inform the Company in advance about the actual or potential danger of the sample or test; e) 为本公司的员工或代表提供一切必要的便利,以使本公司能有效地提供客户所需的服务;

Provide all necessary conveniences for the employees or representatives of the Company, so that the Company can effectively provide the services required by customers;

f) 在本公司提供现场服务期间,客户需确保工作条件,场地和设施的安全;

During the on-site service provided by the Company at the place designated by the customer, the customer needs to ensure the safety of working conditions, sites and facilities;

g) 无论本公司已否发出测试报告或证书,客户须充分履行其与第三方所签订的合同(如销售合同)的责任,否则本公司毋须向该客户承担任何责任。

No matter whether the Company has issued the test report or certificate, it will not affect the customer's obligation to fully fulfill the contract (such as sales contract) signed with the third party. Otherwise, the Company will not be liable to the customer.


4. 在本公司接受客户委托的前提下,本公司将会发出测试报告(/或证书,下同),在该客户委托范围内呈现本公司的意见;根据客户的要求本公司原则上可提供语言为中文/英文/中英对照三种形式中的任何一种(特殊除外,以测试实验室的解释为准),若后续需其他两种文本,每份报告收取RMB 300,报告发出后,合理要求下修改报告收取RMB 100 。除特殊的项目外,标准检验周期为5个工作日,加急为3个工作日,特急为1.5个工作日。标准服务本公司毋须在客户的委托范围以外呈报任何事实。客户须提交充足和准确的测试样品资料给本公司,否则本公司不会对证书和/或报告上的任何有关错误负上任何责任。本实验室的检测报告以电子版(PDF格式)呈现给客户,若客户需要纸质版请自行打印,需要本公司打印时每份报告收费不少于CNY 50元。

On the premise that the Company accepts the entrustment of the customer, the Company will issue a test report (and/or certificate, the same below) to present the opinions of the Company within the scope commissioned by the customer. According to the customer's requirements, the Company can provide any one of the three languages in Chinese/English/Chinese-English in principle (except for special cases, which shall be subject to the interpretation of the testing laboratory). If the other two texts are required in the follow-up, RMB 300 yuan will be charged for each report. After the report is issued, RMB 100 yuan will be charged for modifying the report upon reasonable request. Except for special items, the standard testing period is 5 working days, 3 working days for urgent and 1.5 working days for urgent. Standard Service The Company is not required to report any facts outside the scope of commissioned of customers. The customer must submit sufficient and accurate test sample data to the Company, otherwise the Company will not be responsible for any relevant errors in the certificate and/or report. The test report of our laboratory is presented to customers in electronic format (PDF format). If customers need paper version, please print it by yourself. When printing is required by our company, the charge for each report shall not be less than CNY 50 yuan.

5. 本公司在客户的的授权下以酌情(根据实际情况、行业习惯、习性或是一般做法)处理方式将报告或证书送达至客户指定的地方。

Under the authorization of the customer, the Company will deliver the report or certificate to the place designated by the customer in a discretionary manner (according to the actual situation, industry habits, habits or general practices).


6. 本公司将以保密的方式处理及签发有关测试报告予客户。在未得本公司的书面同意下,该测试报告不得部分复制(全文复制除外)用作宣传或其他未经本公司许可的用途。当客户从本公司收到有关测试报告后,可以展示或传送该测试报告予其顾客、供应商或其他直接有关人士。在不影响第7条款的前提下,除非被有关政府机构、法律或法庭命令所要求,本公司在未经客户的同意前,将不会与其他方就测试报告的内容进行任何讨论、书信的往来或透露。

The Company will handle and issue relevant test reports to customers in a confidential manner. Without the written consent of the Company, the test report shall not be partially reproduced (except for full-text reproduction) for publicity, and shall not be used for other purposes without the permission of the Company. After receiving the relevant test report from the Company, the customer may display or send the test report to its customers, suppliers or other persons directly concerned. Without prejudice to clause 7, unless required by relevant government agencies, laws or court orders, the Company will not discuss, exchange letters or disclose the contents of the test report with other parties without the consent of customers.


7. 除非客户在递交委托测试申请表时以书面反对,本公司将有权透露有关测试的文件及/或档案予任何第三方认证/认可机构作审核及其他相关用途。本公司无须因透露文件/或档案的内容负上任何责任。

Unless the customer objects in writing when submitting the "Commissioned Test Application Form", the Company will have the right to disclose the documents and/or files related to the test to any third-party certification/accreditation institution for review and other related purposes. The Company is not responsible for any disclosure of the contents of documents and/or archives.


8. 假若客户准备利用本公司所签发的测试报告在司法或仲裁程序上,该客户于呈交样品予本公司作测试前必须明确阐述此用途。

If the customer intends to use the test report issued by the Company in judicial or arbitration proceedings, the customer must clearly state this purpose before submitting samples to the Company for testing.


9. 除非本公司的确进行抽样测试并在有关测试报告内阐明此项事实,否则该测试报告只适用于已被测试的样品,而不适用于大批量的有关货品。

Unless the Company does carry out sampling test and clarify this fact in the relevant test report, the test report is only applicable to the tested samples, but not to the large quantities of relevant goods.


10. 任何记载客户与其他方相互关系的文件(如销售合同、运载证明书等),本公司仅作为纯粹的资料,将不会影响本公司接受该客户所委托的服务范围或责任。

Any documents (such as sales contracts, shipping certificates, etc.) that record the relationship between customers and other parties will only be used as pure information, and will not affect our acceptance of the service scope or responsibilities commissioned by the customers.


11. 假若客户并未指定该测试所应用的测试方法或标准,本公司将会自行选择适当的方法或标准;客户可通过与本公司的联系获得该测试方法的更多信息。对于需要根据测试值做符合性判定的情况,相关的规范、标准、文件和客户无相关要求且无特殊说明时,本实验室出具的检验检测报告采用全数值进行且采用ILAC-G8:09/2019 “Simple Acceptance Rule(简单接受规则)进行判定。

If the customer does not specify the test method or standard used in the test, the Company will choose the appropriate method or standard by itself; Customers can get more information about this test method by contacting the Company.

For cases where compliance is determined based on test values, when relevant specifications, standards, documents, and customers have no relevant requirements and no other special instructions, the test report issued by this laboratory is carried out in full value and adopts ILAC-G8:09 /2019 "Simple Acceptance Rule" for judgment.



The Company will not assume any responsibility for any loss caused by the use of any test report (and/or information in the communication) issued by the Company.


13. 在不影响第12条款的前提下,本公司就任何损失所承担的赔偿总额将不会超过与该追讨有关的本公司可收取服务费用的5倍;本公司的赔偿责任亦绝对不会包含任何客户的间接、特殊或随后导致的损失(即并非由事故立刻造成,但其结果导致的破坏或损失)。

Without prejudice to clause 12, the total compensation for any loss of the customer will not exceed 5 times of the service fee paid by the customer to the Company. The Company's liability for compensation will never include any indirect, special or subsequent losses caused by customers (That is, the damage or loss caused by the result of the accident is not immediately caused by the accident).


14. 假若本公司被任何非本公司能控制的因素导致未能提供该测试服务而该测试服务已被受委托或有关协议已经协定,客户仍须向本公司支付以下费用: If the Company fails to provide the test service due to any factors beyond the control of the Company, and the test service has been entrusted or the relevant agreement has been agreed, the customer shall still pay the following fees to the Company:


All the fees and expenses paid by the Company related to the test service;


Part of the agreed test service fee or commission proportional to the test service provided by the Company; At the same time, the Company is not required to continue to bear some or all of the unfinished responsibilities related to the testing service.


15. 有关追讨除非是在与该追讨有关的本公司所提供服务的日期起计的一年内提出,或是由本公司应该提供服务的日期起计的一年内提出,本公司将毋须就该追讨负任何赔偿责任。

Unless the claim is made within one year from the date of the service provided by the Company or within one year from the date when the service should be provided by the Company, the Company will not be liable for the claim.


16. 客户须同意本公司并不因与客户建立合约关系或提供测试服务而代替该客户应承担的其他方的责任。此外,本公司并非是保险承保人或担保人,将不承担有关的任何责任。

The customer agrees that the Company will not replace the customer's responsibilities of other parties due to the establishment of a contractual relationship with the customer or the provision of testing services. In addition, the Company is not an insurance underwriter or guarantor, and will not bear any related liabilities.



When the Company provides or fails to provide testing services, causing losses to a third party, the third party needs the Company, employees, agents or independent contractors to pay related losses and/or expenses. If the total amount of compensation claimed for the test service exceeds the compensation limit stipulated in Clause 13, the customer shall compensate the Company for the difference between the above total amount recovered and the compensation limit stipulated in Clause 13.


18. 假若客户将测试报告被不适当地运用,本公司将会保留权利撤回该测试报告并采取任何适当的措施。

In the event of improper use of the report, the Company reserves the right to withdraw it, and to adopt any other measures which may be appropriate.


19. 客户同意其委托本公司进行测试所得出之报告,并不能作为针对本公司法律行动的依据。

Samples submitted for testing are accepted on the understanding that the report issued cannot form the basis of, or be the instrument for, legal action against the Company.


20. 本公司接纳及存档样品基于以下条件:即该样品已经客户投保或承担由于本公司在分析或处理该样品期间发生的火灾及任何人力不可抗拒的损失,并且不能向本公司或其职员、代理或独立承包商追讨任何损失。

Samples are deposited with and accepted by the Company on the basis that either they are insured by the Clients or the Clients assumes entire responsibility for loss through fire, theft, burglary or for damages arising in the course of analysis or handling, without recourse whatsoever to the Company or its servants, agent, employees or independent contractors.


21. 假若客户的要求使得有关该样品的测试须于客户或任何第三方的实验室进行,则本公司只会代为传送有关该测试的结果,对其准确性概不负任何责任。本公司只可证明客户或任何第三方的实验室已进行有关测试,即本公司只可确认某正确的样品已经被测试,而毋须为该测试的准确性负任何责任。

If the customer requires that the test of the sample should be carried out in the laboratory of the customer and/or any third party, the Company will only transmit the test results on its behalf and will not be responsible for its accuracy. The Company can only prove that the customer and/or any third party's laboratory has carried out relevant tests, that is, the Company can only confirm that a correct sample has been tested, without any responsibility for the accuracy of the test.


22. 假若本公司于提供测试服务的过程中需要未可预计的额外时间或支出,则本公司可以根据该基础向该客户收取额外的费用。

If the Company needs unexpected extra time or expenditure in the process of providing testing services, we can charge extra fees to the customer on this basis.


23. 本公司在提供测试服务期间所衍生的任何报告、证书或其他物资,其相关的所有法律产权(包括知识产权),皆由本公司所拥有。

All legal property rights (including intellectual property rights) related to any reports, certificates or other materials derived from the Company during the period of providing testing services are owned by the Company.



The customer shall support all the expenses related to the test on time on the invoice date issued by the Company or a specific date agreed by the Company in writing, otherwise, the customer shall pay the interest from the invoice date of the Company to the actual payment date (calculated at 3 per month). The customer shall also pay all expenses, including legal fees, used by the company to recover the arrears.


25. 当本公司收到客户的请求,本公司可以电子媒介传递有关测试服务的结果并尽最大努力为客户数据保密,但该客户应注意,电子媒介传递不能保证其所含资料不会流失、延缓或被其他方截取。对于电子媒介传递导致其所含的任何资料出现泄露、差误或遗漏,本公司将不会负任何责任。

When the Company receives the customer's request, we can transmit the test service results through electronic media and try our best to keep the customer's data confidential. However, this customer should pay attention to that electronic media transmission cannot guarantee that the data contained in it will not be lost, delayed or intercepted by other parties. The Company will not bear any responsibility for the leakage, errors or omissions of any data contained in it caused by the transmission of electronic media.



If necessary, the Company may subcontract part of or all tests to competent subcontractors. If no objection is raised at the time of the Clients submitting the application, the Company shall assume the Clients have approved the foregoing.


27. 本公司根据有关客户所需检验检测服务的个别情况,保留在上列所有条款上并再增加特别条款的权力(此条在该客户接获本公司的有关通知方生效)。

The Company reserves the right to include Special Conditions in addition to the foregoing General Conditions if in accordance with the particular circumstances of the required test or investigationThis clause is only effective when the other party has been informed.


28. 对于本公司和客户因本协议所产生的任何争议或索赔或有关本协议之违反,终止或无效,上述条款应优先于各方或其代理人先前于口头上或书面上已协议之任何其它条款。

For any dispute, controversy or claims arising out of relating to this agreement, or the breach, termination or invalidity thereof between the Company and the Clients, the conditions herein shall take precedence over any other terms and conditions, whether oral or written, previously agreed by the parties or the agents or representatives of either parties.


29. 上述条款适用于中华人民共和国法律,凡因上述条款产生的或与上述条款有关的任何争议应通过友好协商解决,如果协议不成,该争议应提交本公司所在地区人民法院仲裁。仲裁裁决对双方均有约束力。仲裁费用应由败诉方承担。

The above clauses are applicable to the laws of the People's Republic of China. Any dispute arising from or related to the above clauses shall be settled through friendly negotiation. If the agreement fails, the dispute shall be submitted to the people's court of the place where the company is located for arbitration. The arbitration award is binding on both parties. The arbitration fee shall be borne by the losing party.


30. 上述条款若在中文和英文的版本理解出现歧义时,则以中文为准。

In case of any discrepancy between the Chinese and English versions of the above clauses, the Chinese version shall prevail.